16 5 2022


The Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK) has the office in Brcko DC B&H where seeks to confront denial and political manipulation of human lives, to ensure the integrity and transparency of the war crimes trials dealing with those losses. Also UDIK pretend to improve protection of minority rights, which are from fundamental importance for the distict’s democratic development, to encase the population of minority to increase the prospects for the return of minorities and eventually lead to peaceful relations between the nations in the Brcko DC of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosnia and Herzegovina in global.


Nationalism kills, as UDIK’s slogan, for a short time has become a distinctive symbol of the anti-fascist action in the former Yugoslavia. Modeled on the label located on the Bosnian cigarette packs, which refers to the harmful effects of smoking, and written in three languages, which are identical, and two alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic. UDIK with this slogan first came to the public in November 9th, 2013. on the occasion of the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism.

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