16 5 2022


     At the end of November 2017, the Association for Social Research and Communication (UDIK) presented the latest data of the Central Register of the Monuments (orig. Centralna evidencija spomenika – CES). It is a register of memorials mostly built in the post-conflict period and dedicated to the war sufferings of the nineties. For the first time, the Register was published in 2016 at a conference in Sarajevo organized by UDIK. At the conference were presented data on 2,150 memorials built on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, devoted to Bosnian war victims (1992 – 1995). Just one year later, the UDIK team presented data on monuments built on the territory of the Republic of Croatia dedicated to the sufferings of the Homeland War.

According to the Central Register of Monuments, over 1,200 monuments dedicated to the victims of the Croatian war (1991 – 1995) were built in this country. The UDIK research work has covered the territory of the entire Republic of Croatia, which includes 128 cities and 428 municipalities. In communication with city, municipal and county offices, ministries, associations of veterans and others, UDIK has collected data on 1,200 monuments and mapped over 80% of the territory of this country. In 97 Croatian municipalities there are no monuments dedicated to the victims of the Homeland War.

Most monuments were mapped in the Vukovar – Srijem County (109 monuments) and Sisak – Moslavina County (100 monuments). According to the CES, 38 monuments are dedicated to the civilian war victims, 924 monuments are dedicated to fallen fighters and 250 monuments are dedicated to soldiers and civilian victims of war. The largest number of monuments is dedicated to the Croats (94.46%). 3.47% of the mapped monuments is dedicated to the suffering of two or more ethnic groups, 1.24% is dedicated to Serbs, 0.50% to Bosniaks and 0.33% to foreigners. Vjeran Pavlakovic, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, worked on the analysis of the collected data, together with the project team. Data on 1,200 monuments and analyzes are available in the publication “IN MEMORIAM Republic of Croatia (1991 – 1995), first part”, which is available in numerous libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Also, last year UDIK launched the campaign REPORT NEW MONUMENT. The Central Register of Monuments is not the final and complete list of monuments built in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, but largely provides a clear view of the current state of the monumental culture in our community. Every citizen who has any information regarding a memorial can report the same. Through a certain verification process, UDIK expert team will check the information and if the team finds the information as a correct, it will be included in our register.

Information regarding memorials can be sent by official e-mail: prijavispomenik@gmail.com.

Also visit our website: www.ces-cem.org


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