18 8 2022


UDIK posts

The Association for Social Research and Communications (UDIK) informs the public that on Thursday, April 07, 2016, will organize the activity to mark the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Half-hour activity will be held at the Youth square in Brcko at noon.

We remind that the massacre in Rwanda took place in April 1994, when for three months were killed more than a million people, mostly from the minority Tutsi, but also members of the Hutu who opposed the Hutu extremists. This represents the most brutal genocide crime during the Rwandan Civil War. This is a failure of the world to react faster and prevent this terrible crime.

With this activity UDIK wants to pay tribute to the victims, but also to remind society in Bosnia and Herzegovina on this brutal massacre in human history. This is our way to show the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina that we must never been indifferent to intolerance and human suffering, but based on the experience of our recent past, we need to show solidarity and to pay homage to the innocent victims.


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